About Us

Lesander Agency is a Digital Agency, founded in 2019, located in București, by Gavrilă Alexandru and Gavrilă Alexandra. The main services are: web and app developing, graphic design, online promoting services (marketing online, social media, PR services), influencer marketing and events organising. The idea of creating this agency came after our collaboration, Alexandru working on the IT - software, graphic design, and Alexandra doing the Marketing, Social Media & PR. The incresing number of the clients who ask us to work with them was also another reason for creating this agency.



Achieving your goal is our goal represents one of our beliefs. We are part of the Millennial generation, but on the other hand, we grew up through Gen Z. Our team has the latest studies in the domains that we offer services, and also over 6 years of experience, which confirms our experience for the delivered services. We are oriented to long term performance and also effective results, based an analysis, and also strategies specially made for achieving your objectives.


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