Honey label design


NecStupina is a local brand that produces quality bee products, completely natural without altering them with sugars, water or other substances. They produce honey that comes 100% from bees and their customers know this very well. This is how they gain their customers, thanks to the satisfied customers who further recommend the products.


Our client sold honey locally in classic jars, without any name or inscription on it. It wanted to stand out from its competitors, other local producers and stand out. Basically, he wanted to display his image to his customers through products, so we created a unique label design. With personalized containers, his customers have his story directly on the jar and implicitly its values, in addition on the label are very visible his contact details. After a discussion with our client, we managed to integrate a logo and a label to his taste. In addition to the attractive appearance of the product, the label also has a sales role through the intuitively displayed contact data, so many customers re-used it using the contact details as soon as their products ended.

Label design

We approached a minimalist style and this is not a product that will be available on the shelf, we had the opportunity to enter only the elements desired by the customer. Thus, the label is airy and has three essential sections, such as:

Caractere și culori

We chose a bold font to display the product name, but legible so that consumers can easily identify the products. Being a bee product, the colors chosen were from the world of bees, so we managed to highlight the logo and name of the product without altering the appearance of the product in the jar.


The hardest thing is to find an agency that understands your brand, to feel its essence, to come up with solutions to the challenges that arise and at the same time to offer them to you in a timely manner. Here we found impeccable service, availability and understanding! We felt that we were understood and we were helped on time. Very professional, I recommend!

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