Seo optimization

Speed and visibility are the highlights of the 2020. If a customer gets on your platform and it is too slow, be sure that he or she will not be your customer. Although if you are not visible on search engines, be sure that your success is limited. And here is the part where we come, by optimizing the speed and rating of the website, so that it will be more appreciated by the search engines. We can help you with services like the ones below.

What we can do?
On-Page SEO

Meta tags, tags, headings, and much more needs to be correctly used so your page to be SEO optimized. We can set all of them correctly, we can also convert pages to be SEO-friendly. We check links so all of them to work and much more.

Off-Page SEO

Backlinking must be present so your website to be in the first positions on the search engines. Our partners have powerfull platforms and we can use their power to push your results in the first pages and places on the search engines.

Speed Optimization

If your platform or website is slow, we can help with this too. We can optimize scripts, resources, modify server options so your website to be as fast as possible. If your web-platform is not fast enought the you’ll lose clients for sure.

Google Score Optimization

Google have some weird rules for the websites to reach the first positions in searches. He is giving a score for your site and this score will affect directly your positions perfomance. We can optimize the website so you’ll have the best possible ranking.

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