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Pure Glee is a beauty salon that includes a variety of services, specially designed to meet the needs of its customers. With a premium look and quality services, it competes with the capital’s salons.


Salon opened in full pandemic, without a previous reputation had a great challenge to attract the few customers who used such services. The total quarantine led to fewer customers who wanted beauty services and offline visibility, almost zero. We have created for Pure Glee a complete website with all the detailed services for everyone to understand but also with attractive images. Thus, we provided them with specialized design services, web programming, copyrighting and photography.

Website design

We started from the idea of a clean salon, with quality services. The challenge was to communicate quality through the design of the website and images. So we created an airy, sexy design we could say. But most importantly structured correctly and very easy to find information.


Following an analysis, we found that most customers search for such services on a mobile device, both on social media but more on google. Thus, in the development of the website, everything was created in a way optimized for mobile in particular but also for deskotp, so that the website has excellent results. Also the structure of html is made taking into account SEO techniques (search engine optimization) and attractive content for users.

Special features:

  • Smart location buttons
    We have added dedicated buttons on the website, in the sections where the location and address of the salon are displayed, for the main guidance applications used locally. So using the button dedicated to the desired application, users will open the gps application with the salon address set by default and the direction of travel.
  • Advanced statistics
    In addition to the usual statistics, we’ve created a feature that records how many users click on the phone number and how many users copy the phone number.
  • Adaptive structure
    If the desktop of a service page has an optimized structure with intuitive sections for large screens, on the mobile the structure is automatically readjusted. An example would be inserting a testimonial after the first paragraphs, and displaying others at the end of the description. The contact button has a different display and positioning on the mobile to be visible throughout the site navigation.

In this project we used technologies such as:

Let's Encrypt
Google Analytics
Monster Insights
Letter style and colors

The Pure Glee beauty salon has a modern and elegant style in its catchy image. For this I chose two types of fonts, namely: For the titles I used an elegant font, te serif type, which is also readable and gives a special note. And for the paragraphs and the rest of the texts, I used a Sans Serif font, suitable to accompany the titles in a harmonious way.


We had a dedicated photo session in the Pure Glee salon to create promotional materials for both the website and for online promotion on social media, but also for OOH banners.


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Mirabela B. Pure Glee Owner
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