Danube delta adventures


The experience in the wild can be dangerous, but with the right guide, this is a pleasant adventure. This is what the Danube Delta Trips do, they offer you adventures in the Danube Delta with their boats and they tell you the stories of the place.


Răzvan, the captain of these experiences, wanted to create a strong presence in the online environment. So he approached us to create an effective website that conveys his values and experience. We analyzed his target audience and made the most appropriate decisions regarding our collaboration. So we collaborated to make an attractive website, a promotional clip for social media and photos that can be used in promotion.

Website design

Am creat un design dedicat pentru ca brandul său să aibă o identitate unică și să se diferențieze de competiția. Ne-am inspirat din aventura excursiilor și am abordat linii neuniforme și expresive. Totul a fost structurat având ca scop principal rezultatele ce trebuie să le creeze acest website, și anume rezervările pentru excursii.

Dezvoltare website

We created a website based on wordpress in the backend, and we developed our own functionalities. So in the frontend, we used various specialized techniques to make the website efficient, fast and optimized for search engines. But we also approached marketing techniques to be successful in gaining new customers.

We used technologies such as:

Google Analytics
Let's Encrypt
Fonts and colors

Using expressive and imposing fonts, we convey the adventure that customers will expect. The colors being inspired by nature, we created a contrast between the information presented, so that the CTA (call to action) sections stand out and are intuitively placed for ease of contact.


For this promotional video we had a more unusual context, having a small budget we decided to create a promotional spot without filming ourselves directly. So I received videos created by guides during the trips, made with their own phones. With a wide variety of videos, I created a timeline and made a spot that shows the experience of a trip to the delta.


We took photos to be used in promoting trips.

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