The Power of the Mind is an online course platform aimed at helping to heal the suffering of the soul and achieve Success by using the Power of the Mind. On this platform, users can learn self-healing techniques and therapy through videos, digital materials or even books available on the platform.


The project consisted of redesigning, restructuring, improving and adding new features to the existing platform. This being quite outdated, it used modules that did not receive updates, and it worked difficult and had many errors and problems. Users often failed to do the desired actions because it was not intuitive and difficult to use. So we created a new design on a specific structure to be intuitive and easy to use. We have improved + developed new features, and we have optimized everything for a fast operating speed.


Being in the field of psychology, hypnosis, implicitly in the mystical field, we chose to create an airy structure on a dark background with important areas highlighted by vibrant colors. In the course pages we have placed the elements strategically so that the user can go through all the lessons of the courses easily. The reading area is inspired by an old library, so the books are placed on wooden shelves in a modern form automatically re-adaptable depending on the device. And the menus are displayed subtly and airy, strategically structured for easy and fast navigation.


To maximize the user UI experience, the new platform was developed using WordPress, a CMS (Content Management System) famous for its intuitive backend interface and flexible nature. This, combined with the specialized skills of WordPress, we made sure that the new platform was created using best development practices.

In developing the website we used various programming techniques to make the website as efficient as possible. We made specific structures with menus and buttons strategically placed so that users have an intuitive and easy experience. and as WooCommerce payment management. Certain functions have been developed independently, and the platform has been optimized for a short response time, and efficiency in use.

In the development of the project were used technologies such as:

Google Analytics
Let's Encrypt

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