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It is known that a certain product must serve a certain customer. We know that our product not only serves the customer but also satisfies his needs. The urgent need of the retailer is to benefit from premium products at fair prices. This is our goal, to combine quality and cost efficiency.


Cătălin, a passionate retailer who wants to share his knowledge, has opened a youtube channel where he presents various techniques and products in the field of car detailing. Being a very knowledgeable man, he decided to create his own line of products that would be affordable, but without compromising on quality. Thus, he launched us the challenge to create a sales website according to his products and brand, but also a promotional clip for the launch of new products.


Dynamic and comprehensive, the two words that describe the clip created.

Fonts and colors

A strong and bold font style, Serif type conveys the simplicity of the brand. The same font kept for paragraphs keeps the information readable and easy to read. Combining a palette of shades of blue, gray and black on white, we created an airy ambiance to produce a concise minimalist look.

Website design

We focused on producing a design that kept the simplicity of Ice-Pro Detailing. The information is structured so that potential customers have access to the necessary information very easily and to facilitate shopping in a very short time. With the help of a dedicated filtering system, fast search but also other aspects related to UX, the website is very intuitive and easy to use.

Website development

To maximize the UI experience of Ice-Pro Detailing, the new website was developed using WordPress, a CMS (Content Management System) famous for its intuitive backend interface and flexible nature. This, combined with the specialized skills of WordPress, ensured that the new website was created using best development practices.

Given the local statistics on the number of users on different devices, it was imperative that the new website be as accessible and optimized for as many devices as possible. We have worked according to the latest standards to provide a website optimized and adapted for the latest iOS and Android mobile devices. Thus, the results of the speed and optimization tests performed at the end of the project had the following results:

In addition to the usual functionalities of an online store, we also developed some dedicated to customer needs.

Special features:

  • Discount for subscribing to the newsletter
    When subscribing to the newsletter, the customer will receive a unique coupon valid for 48 hours with a 5% discount on the next order. Although there are other similar services that offer discount coupons to those who subscribe to the newsletter, we create a coupon dedicated to each customer, so there is no risk that the coupon will be used by someone who did not subscribe to the newsletter if there is the coupon code.
  • Recover abandoned carts
    After a while, users who have not completed the order will receive an email with the products and a custom order completion link. If they do not complete the order within 5 days, they will receive by email a personalized coupon of 10% discount for 12 hours.
  • Google shopping implementation
    We’ve created a custom product feed that updates automatically automatically, and we’ve synced products to Google Shopping (Google Merchant Center)
  • Loyalty
    In order to retain customers, we have developed a feature that sends customers a 5% discount coupon if they leave product reviews. And after a certain time after completing the order they will receive another 5% discount coupon for the next order.

In the development of the project we used technologies such as:

Let's Encrypt
Monster Insights
Google Analytics

Product photos

In the process of creating the site, we also took pictures for each product of the brand.


From day one, as soon as we agreed on the terms of the collaboration, everything was as it should be. Really professional! Great communication, video meetings, phone calls, emails, late messages, anything! In addition to our ideas, they came with theirs and we discussed and debated together until we reached the planned result from the beginning. We were lucky to find creativity, goodwill, seriousness, patience and flexibility in the same place. We are talking here about qualities that you do not find everywhere today, we are in too much of a hurry to really listen to the wishes of our customers. This is not the case! You will be listened to and asked, approved or contradicted depending on the situation, and this is called COLLABORATION. We recommend LESANDER for anything from photo-video, editing to site creation. It’s simple, if you want to be with the business online – LESANDER!

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