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Adi-Moto School is a leader in training and improvement in the field of motorcycles and cars, being the first motorcycle school in Bucharest. Founded in 2005, it has the experience of a passionate motorcyclist of over 20 years who wants to share his knowledge with all students who love two wheels.


With the evolution of technology, Adi-Moto’s website had become obsolete, inaccessible on mobile devices and highly unoptimized. They lost many clients because they could not find the necessary information in a timely manner, and most of the time they could not even enroll in courses. I received the task from them to create a new modern website to be optimized for today’s technology, but also with new dedicated features.

Website design

The experience on two wheels is an adventure that requires skill. Thus, we created a bold and adventurous new design starting from the image of the passionate motorcyclist. We chose a specific structure in landing pages for a clear and precise look. The strategic use of colors and dynamic elements helps navigation and is at the same time intuitive.


In developing the website we used various programming techniques to make the website as efficient as possible. From the page loading speed to the forms that customers register before the actual completion of the registration. We made specific structures with menus and buttons related to contact and fixed registration on any landing page so that users have them accessible at all times. The registration process is a very intuitive one with clearly delimited fields and 3 easy-to-understand steps. A differentiator from competitors is the possibility to pay the first installment online, right from the registration process.

Special functionalities:

  • Obtaining customer data before completing the registration
    The registration process consists of two steps from a technical point of view, the first step is to fill in the name, email and phone number on the desired course page. When he presses the button to go to the next step, the desired course and contact details are sent to the school secretariat and the client arrives on the registration completion page.
  • Online payment of the first installment
    On the order completion page, customers have the opportunity to pay online the first installment for the desired course. As there are several courses with different prices, the cost of the first installment is calculated automatically.
  • Adaptive structure
    If on the desktop the course page has an optimized structure with intuitive sections for large screens, on the mobile the structure is automatically readjusted. An example would be inserting a testimonial after the first paragraphs, and displaying others at the end of the description. The registration form has a different display and positioning on the mobile to be very easy to complete.

In the development of the project we used technologies such as:

Google Analytics
Let's Encrypt

We were very pleased with the intense communication we had, we consider that this was the most important aspect of the project for understanding our needs. Also the design was new and interesting from the beginning even though it underwent changes throughout the development of the website, in the end the design perspective remained just as interesting.

Andreea Karina B. Adi-Moto Team
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